SPARelax for body and soul

Narie Hotel & SPA is also a relax for body and soul. Treatments and rituals have been choses in order to relax mind and body effectively and comprehensively.

The feeling of easefulness will be replenished by the atmospheric music and delighting the senses mixtures of fragrances which have a positive influence on the mood of every guest.

SPA offer is rich in relaxing, beautifying and rejuvenating treatments for the face and also the whole body.

We also offer a wide range of massages.

We also possess cryogenic chamber which is known from its benign cold treatment of various illnesses such as rheumatic changes, arthritis, neurological afflictions and neurosis.
(please reserve cryogenic chamber at least 2-days before arrival)

Cryogenic therapy helps reduce a pain, accelerates rehabilitation, strengthen resistance and rejuvenates.

Dry and Finnish sauna will take our guests to the world of beneficial heat and ancient steam and aroma sauna cleans the skin, works anti-rheumatically and makes clear respiratory tract.

SPA treatments offer

Face treatments

Nourishing Treatment

The treatment is suitable for all types of skin, especially dehydrated, with signs of fatigue.
It moisturizes, nourishes and regenerates the skin deeply and improves the functioning of its natural protective barrier. The skin becomes smooth and elastic.

The treatment S.O.S. for skin

Treatment for sensitive and capillaries skin.
The treatment soothes, calms the skin and constricts blood vessels. After treatment, the skin becomes healthy and bright look. The treatment brings immediate relief for skin.

Rejuvenating treatment

Treatment specifically designed for mature, tired, lacking firmness skin.
The treatment accelerates the process of regeneration of skin, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, improving tissue tension. It perfectly moisturizes and nourishes and adds shine, even the most dull, damaged by the sun, aging skin.

Body treatments

Peeling treatment

The treatment has the feature of deep cleansing, it smoothes and firms the skin. It brings immediate effect, the skin becomes nourished, beautiful and smooth to the touch.

Nourishing and regenerating treatment

A unique treatment that restores the skin's elasticity and youthful look. The skin is intensely hydrated and nourished.

Firming and shaping treatment

After the treatment, the skin regains elasticity and vitality, becomes tense and radiant. It accelerates metabolism, and improves microcirculation of skin.


Relaxation massage

Massage greatly reduces stress, restores balance to the entire body. The massage consists of long, flowing, slow, anti-stress and calming movements. It makes possible to get rid of tension throughout the body, it promotes regeneration and eliminates the negative effects of stress.

Massage with a hot candle

Candle massage brings relief for dry, lacking in vitality skin. During the massage the skin all over the body becomes supple, soft to the touch, wrapped in silky smooth and pleasant aroma. The massage provides deep relaxation and eliminates muscle tension.

Hot stone massage

Massage is performed with basalt stones of volcanic origin. The massage has a calming properties, deeply relaxing and enjoyable. Relaxation action of the massage is based on touch and heat. The massage affects the expansion of blood vessels and thus stimulating blood circulation, it promotes a better nourishment and oxygenation of the skin.

Thai massage

Thai massage is a great way to fatigue and stress, which seeks to overturn the harmony of the body. Through touch, smell and relaxing music everyone can secure a rest and relaxation, as well as relaxing muscles and improving mobility. Thai massage affects the body in a way that leads to complete healing in body, mind and energy.

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