CinemaAll genres on the highest level

The main sign of the hotel standard is the cinema hall. The atmosphere of this place is the effect of thoughtful and complete synchronization of audio-visual devices provided by Bang&Olufsen company with the arrangement and equipment of the room.

The connection of high-quality equipment (JVC projector, advanced speakers systems, active Geosystem4 driver and so on) with the comfort of watching (HD, 2D, 3D) and the character of space allows to move from everyday world to the world of film.

Atmospheric lighting, comfortable armchairs and immaculate acoustics facilitate comfortable show during any time of day or night. Proper soundproofing of the room will not distract other hotel users.

Rich BLU-RAY, DVD, CD and so on library offers a wide range of films and music which choice depends on individual taste of hotel guests.

Hotel dla dorosłych